Clients Testimonials


Yoga school

Craig is gracious enough to always give me choice when he presents his ideas to me - sometimes several versions.  He needn't bother as I rarely go past the first one anyway!  A good listener, good interpreter but subtle enough in his interpretation to give the job his own blend of  'wow' factor while honouring the clients tastes and preferences.

Atmadharma Saraswati – Accredited Yoga Teacher  –  Satyananda Yoga Academy

Liberty Energy Limited

I first worked with Craig Peterson and his Company Handpress Graphics in the late 1990's. His first job for me was a logo that became one of the most seen and recognisable in Australia. Since that time Craig has worked creatively and efficiently to assist me with the visual presentation of a number of ideas and projects. He is not just a valuable graphics support - he works cost effectively and stimulates my own imagination with a number of suggestions from which I pick the one or combination I like best. I recommend him to you with the highest confidence that his work will surprise and delight you.

David Ettridge

Mar Paso Trading Company

I originally engaged Craig to develop a product catalogue and in the process he redesigned the company image. The result was beyond my expectations - exceptionally creative, relevant, clever, sophisticated. Indeed the only problem that I encountered was deciding from the wonderful range of options presented. To say that I am delighted is an understatement. Ditto for the further work that Craig has undertaken on my behalf.

Elizabeth Hensley